Your Cinderella Story.

You’re exact match

Shells uses the latest 3D laser scanning technology and precise 3D printing to ensure Shells exactly match each individual foot.

Thinner fit more shoes

Because Shells are made with a strong structural nylon we can make them thinner than traditional orthotics and other insoles. This helps them to fit into more shoes.


Shells are made with a strong but light material so you don’t have that extra weight in your shoes.


Shells have invested 5 years of testing and development that enables us to provide the right amount of flex that still supports the feet and isn’t too rigid to be uncomfortable

2 Year structural replacement Warranty

Shells come with a 2 year structural warranty. If Shells crack, snap or break within 2 years from date of purchase we will replace.

Buy additional pairs - Anytime

Don’t want to keep switching Shells between shoes? With Shells you can simply order an additional pair at anytime, knowing it will be exactly the same as the pair of Shells you already have.

Faster to Wear-in

Because Shells are an exact match of your foot they are much faster for your feet to get use to the extra support. With Shells, having to wear-in shoes becomes a thing of the past.

5 years of development and thousands of pairs later

Shells has been developed by world-class engineers in conjunction with podiatrists and the latest technologies over 5 years to ensure they provide the best durability and support their wearers expect.

Advanced Technology

Shells utilises advanced technology to accurately scan the feet and 3D Print Shells to ensure they live up to your expectations.


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