Why Early Intervention?

You Glow

Even though you might not be feeling like it, there is something about pregnancy that makes you glow.

Your feet glow too

For most women pregnancy means experiencing all sorts of new discomforts and one being our feet.

Happiest Moment in Your Life

When you know your baby is born safe and sound and you hear that first cry it can be one of the happiest moments in your life.

Feeling Active Again

After experiencing pregnancy and carrying the baby, many want to start to experience that great feeling of being active again.

It’s hard when your feet hurt.

When we want to become active again it can be hard, which is not helped if our feet hurt.

Love having your baby close?

For the first few years of your baby’s life, you are often having to pick them up, give them extra cuddles and carry them around with you.

Your feet need help

Even though your feet can get relief when you put your babies down, they are still having to support a growing baby, getting bigger everyday.

Still love carrying your Baby

As your baby becomes a toddler it doesn’t mean they don’t like hugs less or being carried less.

You feet still need help

Vitamin D is so good for you and your baby and playtime is so much more fun and relaxing outside.

Let Shells Support You

Let Shells support your feet during your parenting journey.